The popularity of pocket digestion has increased greatly in the last few years. In order to fully inform about the market supply today, Inagro, VCM, Biogas-E and DLV InnoVision present you this publication with practical examples and a list of manufacturers at home and abroad.

Small-scale anaerobic digestion - case studies in Western Europe

The brochure "Small-scale anaerobic digestion - Case studies in Western Europe" elaborates on how the implementation of small-scale anaerobic digestion can take place at the company level, based on five practical examples. It examines both the integration of the technology in the company as well as some technical and economic data. The five projects are:

  1. Micro digester on dairy farm Dendauw
  2. Pocket digester at chicory company Joluwa
  3. Pocket digester pilot at pig and manure processing company Ivaco
  4. Pocket digester at dairy cattle farm and dairy processing company Den Eelder
  5. Dry type pocket digester at the horse farm of Thierry de Pas

A broad market study in a second part of this brochure shows that there are already many European providers that focus on small-scale digestion.
Some are still in a pilot phase, while others have already realized full-scale operational installations.

This brochure is intended to meet farmers’ demand for more information concerning the current market situation of the small-scale anaerobic digestion
technology. The authors (Biogas-E, VCM, DLV InnoVision and Inagro) aim to quickly guide those who are interested in the technology so that they can adopt a targeted approach in their search for information.

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